FMTA Members Exercising their Right to Vote!


FMTA Vote Cope campaign has completed. Thank you for your support!

Political Action

Teachers are encouraged to participate in political activism that supports teachers, students and public education.  

  • Contact elected officials showing support or opposition for educational bills and policies.

  • Become a 5 minute activist by signing up for the NYSUT Action Center and receive text alerts with links to show your support for educational policies.   https://mac.nysut.org/

  • Participate in public education rallies.

  • Stay informed on educational news, policies and procedures.

NYSUT Legislative Action Center

NYSUT Social Justice

Register to Vote in New York State

Committee of 100

NYSUT’s Legislative Department lobbies state and federal representatives to help retain professional enhancements we fought for and won. Support for our public schools comes from the efforts of hundreds of grass-roots lobbyists. This statewide, grass-roots network of member-volunteers, called the Committee of 100, adds local political impact to NYSUT’s effort. Members who want to influence issues directly affecting their lives, including pensions, job security, and health and safety, are encouraged to explore becoming part of the Committee of 100.  (https://www.nysut.org/members/member-guide/political-action).



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