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Grievance Information

What is a Grievance?

A grievance is a formal complaint that is raised by an employee towards an employer within the workplace. Grievances are filed by the union on behalf of it's members.

Filing a Grievance

DON'T DELAY - A grievance MUST be filed within 10 work days of an incident. Contact yoru building rep immediately.


Here is a top ten list of what to know when advocating for your collective bargaining rights:  

  1. Obey first, then grieve.

  2. Understanding contract language is a member’s responsibility.

  3. You are entitled to representation – but you must ask for it.

  4. Discrimination is covered by the NYS Human Rights Division  

  1. Not all complaints are grievable.

  2. Changes to a past practice can be grievable.

  3. If you have a grievance, then decide on the remedy.

  4. Every grievance has a timeline

  5. It is best to settle a grievance at the lowest possible step.

  6. A grievance officer and a manager are equals during the procedure.

More det​ails on the top 10 here.

If you feel your contract has been violated or you have a grievance, speak to your building rep as soon as possible.



Your School Personnel File

Teachers have the right to view and make copies of anything in their personnel file.

Items placed in the personnel file must be signed by the teacher prior.

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